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I’m Greg Kalloway. I once worked for a legal firm in the United Kingdom. Truthfully, the UK’s legal industry is lucrative as the news publicises it.

The Problem Is…

Not all reputable legal groups are represented effectively by their websites. Sometimes, the website design isn’t quite as intuitive for audiences as it should be. Sometimes, it’s just filled with random content. Or sometimes, the brand itself isn’t too trustworthy despite the best efforts many legal firms put into design.

What We Do Is…

We perfectly understand the demands of the industry when it comes to making a good impression for your audiences. We’re in the business of law ourselves. But we’ve made our advertising and marketing arm a separate entity for outsourcing. When we decided to branch out from our parent legal firm, we made sure we’d improve our advertising and marketing focus tailor-made for legal firms.

What Would You Get?

Lawyers working with advertising and marketing professionals help the two share their knowledge about their specialities. In Kalloway Legal Online Marketing, we are knowledgeable about class action lawsuits as much as we know about Search Engine Optimisation, Target-Market approaches, Re-Branding, Social Media Analytics, Content Production and Quality Control and even more.

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